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Summer months can play a crucial role in working to further develop the skills and experiences that help students build on academic year learning, as well as continuing to encourage students to develop college and career plans. Make A Play Inc in partnership with the Albany City School District, the City of Albany of Department of Youth and Workforce Services, Urban Arts Experience, Siena College S.H.A.K.E, and 4th Family will work to deliver an intensive five week experience for youth. The Academy will take place this summer. Dates to be announced.

The Academy is designed to keep students and families engaged and committed to the roadmap for secondary education success: helping students stay connected to academic areas of interest, providing service and experiential learning opportunities, honing skill areas that have been a challenge, encouragement and character building, and bridging the gap between independence, community, careers, secondary and higher education.

Academy Initiatives and Services

The Science of Athletic Performance (STEM)

Provides student participants with real world applications of elite sports performance, each week will cover a different aspect of elite sports performance with the assistance of a professional, college or Olympic athlete who exemplifies this quality of sports performance. During the course of the program each student team will design both a training program and an experiment to measure the progress each student experiences from the training program. The program will conclude with a visit to RPI where the students will present their work to a panel of experts consisting of professors, athletes and trainers for feedback and encouragement.

Self and Society Program

Students will be introduced to some of the main ideas and concepts from the field of sociology. The content of the course will focus on using the sociological imagination to relate personal troubles to larger social issues, as well as the social construction of identities (race, class and gender) and their relationship to larger social structures.

Youths in Business Program

It is often said that “Knowledge is Power”. In this session youth will gain the knowledge to start and manage businesses for themselves. With the power of being business-owners, they can determine their future and improve their community through collective work. The course is an innovative program that combines classroom training, peer group discussion, guest speakers, research, hands-on material, collective work, and community involvement. The program encourages collective work through the use of the participants’ skills of reading, writing, comprehension and critical thinking. The subliminal concept message throughout the entire course promotes a sense of “how to work well together”. Cooperation! Togetherness!


Is an intensive, immersion art making experience that consumes every aspect of our lives through digital arts. Students will have the choice to participate in a particular discipline: BLOG design, filmmaking, and photography. The goal is to develop each student’s creative process. All students get a chance to work on the creation of personal, meaningful, artistic statements. Through viewings and discussions of work, sessions include a strong foundation in the history of its medium. All sessions teach fundamental, formal, aesthetic principals. Sessions will also involve actual practice of the technical skills with each discipline.

Digital Literacy

Examines Windows and Microsoft Office and provides hands-on examples. Skills learned will prepare students to navigate through the Microsoft suite. At the successfully completion of the workshop students will receive a Digital Literacy Certificate.
Topics covered include: Computer Basics, The internet and the World Wide Web, Productivity Programs, Computer Security and Privacy, and Digital Lifestyles.

Career Connections

Introduces students to the exciting range of careers available in today's world of work both locally and abroad, participants will learn about all kinds of career possibilities, the knowledge and skills needed to succeed, and trends and technologies that are transforming the workplace. Workshops will help students discover their interests and decide the path where you want your future to take you.

You’ve Got The Power: To Change Your Community -Community

Students will have the opportunity to learn about community service, service opportunities, and attend a service project. Skills obtained will encourage students to be change agents in their community through planned activities. The goal is to motivate students to get more involved in their community while performing service projects, learning/developing the concepts of the SHAKE program (Self-Empowerment, Skill Development, and Service) and how to become an initiative leader to make a positive change in their local community.

From the Classroom to the Boardroom: The Evolution of Your Personal Brand

In today’s society, landing your first professional job requires more than a college degree. Recent grads often rely on a strong network, a variety of soft skills, and lots of relevant experience. Through a series of activities, the workshop is designed to help students learn more about their own skills and how they can be developed during college.

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