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Make A Play

"Growing Better Together."


Make A Play’s mission is to transform youth and their communities by providing comprehensive academic and athletic programs to better their personal, academic and professional goals. Through MAPs five commitments the core values of the program are encapsulated, and help students move from dependence, independence to interdependence. Each Commitment is designed to meet students where they are, prepare them to be leaders, and to be active participants in a democratic society: when you learn to play, you learn to live.


1. Commitment to Academic Excellence

Aid students in achieving success scholastically. Supporting the successful transition of youth through high school graduation, college and the workforce.

2. Commitment to Personal Development

Support the development of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle for youth, encouraging emotional well-being, personal growth and positive decision making skills.

3. Commitment to Athletic Excellence

Build philosophical foundations for progressive skill development, encouraging love and understanding of healthy competition, and good sportsmanship.

4. Commitment to Service

Helping students make connections between home, school, and community through service and experiential learning programs that encourage civic engagement.

5. Commitment to Career Development

Encourage youth to develop essential life skills and awareness in the areas of personal finance, consumer rights, health and safety, entrepreneurship, global events, the environment, and technology.

When you learn to play, you learn to live.

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